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How to avoid stretch marks from puberty growing spurts

  The transition from childhood to adolescence is called puberty, it is a troubled period through which every individual passes. This period marks our existence both psychologically and physically because physical and psychological transformations

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Why we have stretch marks during puberty growing spurts?

Puberty is a stage of life through which everyone passes and we never forget because it is characterized by more or less difficult events depending on each one. This usually involves a significant growth

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How to prevent stretch marks when losing weight

Many people are not aware that lose weight can cause stretch marks because they are just focus on flabby skin I think this is bad news for them, unfortunately when you lose weight fast

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How to get rid of stretch marks after pregnancy

Stretch marks are common in women after pregnancy and are very common in areas that accumulate fat such as breasts, hips, arms, abdomen, buttocks and thighs. How to get rid of stretch marks after

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Can you get stretch marks by losing weight?

  Stretch marks are more than a mode as, now, almost everybody got it, even like some of them do not know what it is. Do not worry they are not dangerous that’s why

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Whether you’re looking for stretch marks creams, that means you know what they are or at least what they look like. Did you get them and you are trying to find a good cream

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The most popular stretch marks are the ones that appear during pregnancy. Every pregnant woman is likely to have them. It is very difficult or almost impossible to get rid of these stries. The

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What causes stretch marks on the body ? All you need to know about stretch marks

We could not speak of stretch marks as being a skin disease because the term would be very strong. However, these marks are nonetheless a serious problem of the skin which remains unknown for

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