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Hi all and welcome to my stretchmarksaway website. My name is Vicky Patterson, I am married and have a lovely daughter.

Since I am a child, I’ve always been very observative. I watch the people I meet on the street, people I live with, I also observe myself and every little detail on my skin.


As a child, I always wondered what these almost identical striated marks were, worn by my mother, her colleagues and her friends in the armpits or legs sometimes along the arms even though they were not at all related.

I quickly drew the conclusion that these marks appear on women who have already given birth.

I later realize that my conclusion was biased when I saw a man covered with the same horrible marks in the armpits to the inside of the elbow. It just meant that I still did not know what those awful marks were. So I asked my mother: “They are called stretch marks”, she told me.

Going through puberty I quickly noticed some changes coming with hormones, severe acne (I still suffer a little), physical changes etc.

My body did not resist this metamorphosis, which led to my worst nightmare: stretch marks. So it was very early that I had to deal with this disgusting deformation of the skin.

Unfortunately at that time, internet was not as widespread as today. No research possible to find a potion that would help. One could only turn to grandmother’s remedies that were not bad but I was convinced that better and radical treatments were available. Preventive or curative.


I’m recovering from an emergency Cesarean Section. I had a rather quiet pregnancy which allowed me to work until the last minute practically.

Besides the health of my princess my other phobia was to see those marks appearing on my little belly.

I had well before getting pregnant, done some research on the issue. Have these research been effective? Yes they have because I do not have any single mark on my belly.

My sister-in-law was among the curious people who asked me what was my secret. It was the latter who made me understand that many people were suffering from Stretchmarks. She advised me then to make a blog on the subject that would help men, women, expectant women and young girls.

So I followed her advice and I made this little blog to help those who like me hate stretch marks and would like to prevent or cure it.

I would like to help people from the puberty to the expectant women who want to avoid or dismiss these unsightly marks. My help is also for the bodybuilder who suffers from them or for the man on the street who faces it because of a weight issue.


I would like through this site to share the knowledge, the researches and the successful and failed experiments that I have done on stretch marks. I applied them on myself successfully.

In this blog I will address issues like:

Why do we have stretch marks? Who are the most exposed people and how can they be avoided at each stage of life? How to make them disappear?

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.


Founder of


Janice Fox-Henley

Vicky, Your About Me page is one of the most honest, straightforward, and informative pages, I have ever read! I find your research most thorough and I don’t have to read it for it comes forward in your language. I believe you are very observative and I am sorry you suffered with the worry of stretch marks from such a young age. I am sure you will benefit a great many people through your blog and probably in other ways. Thank you, Janice

Dec 10.2018 | 03:24 pm

    Vicky Patterson

    Hi Janice,

    your comment on me pleases me deeply. I refrain from shedding tears (I am a very emotional person). I do not even have the words to say what I feel but a big thank you for the support. It’s a recognition for the work that I do everyday and your comment makes me just proud.


    Dec 11.2018 | 02:49 am

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