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The most popular stretch marks are the ones that appear during pregnancy. Every pregnant woman is likely to have them. It is very difficult or almost impossible to get rid of these stries. The best remedies to avoid stretch marks pregnancy would be not to have them in the first place.

What stretch marks are?

Stretch marks are tears of the elastic fibers of the dermis, the second layer of the skin: this one loach and the fibers break taking the appearance of a slight skin depression, similar to a scar, with marks more or less accentuated .

The stretch marks go through two phases of evolution: at first, they appear as rosy streaks, irregular lines of pale red color and, with time, become more and more clear and smooth to the touch like colored scars whitish.

Why do stretchmarks appear during pregnancy?

The causes and factors related to the appearance of stretch marks during pregnancy are varied and related to several different parameters.

– Rapid weight gain: it is natural to gain weight during pregnancy but the faster you gain the higher are your chances to get stretch marks.

– Twin pregnancy: carrying one baby puts your skin under tension. Imagine carrying two babies or more! The tummy will become larger and the skin won’t be able to support all that tension hence it may crack.

– Genetic predisposition: it seems that the appearance of stretch marks may follow some genetics as well since we sometimes observe similar marks within same family, hence their transmission from mother to daughter.

– Young expectant mother: young expectant mothers are more likely to have it than older expectant others.

– If you have had it during your puberty period: if you have ever had it that means you are prone to have it when pregnant.

– Overweight baby: the fact that the baby is big doesn’t help mummy’s bump and tummy. Because the baby forces the tummy to extend a lot.

– High amniotic liquid: make the mummy’s bump become bigger and thus exposed to a breakage.

– Hormonal imbalances: they are without a doubt one of the main cause of stretch marks. That’s why they tend to show up when women have to deal with real hormonal storm like the puberty period.

How to avoid stretch marks during pregnancy?

Avoiding stretch marks during pregnancy is easier to say than to do. That requires a very rigorous discipline from the first trimester of pregnancy to the third trimester after the childbirth.

Below are the tips you can follow to avoid stretch marks when you are pregnant.

1 – Watch your weight: a rapid weight gain leads to stretch marks so it is important to monitor your weight. You will have to gain weight little by little in order to avoid puthing the skin under tension.

2 – Drink a lot of water: first off it is very important for your baby and yourself to stay hydrated. When you are hydrated your skin is hydrated as well, and will not break easily. A dry skin misses water and is exposed to a crack.

3 – Use scrub: the scrub make the skin ready and open to a treatment. You will have to scrub your skin at least three times per week before applying any cream or oil. The scrub will be gently applied by making circles on your tummy, your thighs, your buttocks and on your breast.

4 – Use Shea butter: Shea butter is the main stretch marks remedies as it hydrates your skin deeply by stimulating the skin renewal’s process.

5 – Use oil: any fatty oil is welcome but I recommend almond oil as its fatty acids provide good moisture to the skin and keep stretch marks away.

6 – Use a stretch mark cream treatment: there is many stretch marks cream brand. There are the good and less good between these cream. I will be writing an article soon about the best stretch marks cream on the market.

7 – Apply a stretch marks treatment: depending of what you choose to use as treatment, you must massage all the parts mentioned in the section 3 by making circles at least twice a day. I always recommend two use two different brands a day. One in the morning and another one in the night. Thus, if one of the two is not good, you can have been lucky with the other one.

8 – Take Vitamin C: you may include vitamin c in your daily diet. This vitamin is good for collagen which is good for the skin. You can eat from foods rich in vitamin C or take vitamin C supplement

9 – Take Vitamin A and E: this vitamin help to improve the skin’s elasticity and keep the stries at bay.

10 – Eat gelatin: Gelatin is rich in collagen. By including gelatin in your diet you will keep the marks away on your body.

11 – Do not expose yourself to the sun: it is no secret to anyone that the sun is not good for the skin, even less when you are pregnant. Your skin will get fragilize.

12 – Make exercises : Light physical activity (with the consent of your gynecologist) will help you not only control your weight, but also tone your muscles, creating good support for your skin. For example, you can swim or stretch.


stretch marks are almost inescapable during pregnancy reasons why you should fight them every day of your pregnancy. The best way to succeed avoiding while pregnancy is to do all this. If you follow all this advices as I did when I was pregnant, you won’t have stretch marks even if you had had it when you were young.


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