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The transition from childhood to adolescence is called puberty, it is a troubled period through which every individual passes. This period marks our existence both psychologically and physically because physical and psychological transformations will take place during this period. The human being who is in the midst of metamorphosis is that innocent young person who ignores everything that is happening in him and on him.


What we will focus on in this article is the transformations that are taking place on this innocent young person and causing the appearance of stretch marks that are unsightly and malignant marks. Stretch marks are insidiously embedded on the person who is experiencing puberty without even noticing it. This is because of the growth spurt that the young person is experiencing. So how can we avoid stretch marks caused by the growth spurt of puberty?

1) The role of parents

And yes! The role of parents is essential at this time, not only to walk with their child through this troubled period so that the child does not get lost because it is most of the time at this time that the child makes the worst decisions, especially when he is not present.

It is true that of our children, they are much smarter and smarter than in the past, but unfortunately some of them are not smart enough to be aware of what stretch marks are. We can’t bewitch them because they’ve just left their childhood or the main activity they enjoy is playing. It is therefore up to the parent to protect his child from stretch marks because he is much more aware.

It was a father who inspired me on this article because of his son who had stretch marks from his puberty growth spurt.

As a parent, it is your duty to manage this first stretch marks crisis. Indeed, not all teenagers are concerned but unfortunately we cannot predict which ones will be of those who will not be, that is why each parent must be very observant of his child’s growth and be on the lookout.

2) What parents need to know

Each parent should be able to identify whether their children are likely to have it. How? How? Did you even get them yourself? If you had them in your youth or during your pregnancy or whatever the circumstance that caused them then your progeny is susceptible to have them too so you must take the necessary steps so that your children can avoid them.

In case, you have never had them, you should observe your child’s changes, if he or she tends to change very quickly it is likely that he or she will see his or her unsightly marks appear on his or her body. To understand why your children have these marks you can read this ARTICLE which explains quite clearly the origin of stretch marks on teenagers.

3) How to avoid stretch marks during puberty

Our dear unsightly stripes settle very discreetly during adolescence without the teenager noticing, that’s why it’s up to parents to look after their children so that they are protected. I say this because if my mom had followed these tips I would never have had them. My mother only had a few scratches on the aisles due to pregnancy but I think it was enough to know that her children were predisposed to have them too. So how can you help your children avoid them?

Whatever product you choose, make sure you apply it to exposed areas, do not hesitate to consult this ARTICLE to find out which areas are most likely to be affected by stretch marks during pubertal growth spurt.

a) The scrubs

You must teach your children to exfoliate their skin regularly, that is, at least three times a week. Any exfoliant bought at the counter can do the trick even if I tend to prefer homemade scrubs made with sugar and honey.

The scrub stimulates blood circulation and the natural production of collagen, which is the essential protein in the skin’s firmness.

In addition, it represents the best anti stretch marks weapon because they plump and smooth the skin, thus preventing the premature appearance of stretch marks. An exfoliated skin is better prepared to receive the anti stretch mark creams or oils that you will then apply to your skin.

b) Shea butter

It is by far the best natural stretch marks product I have ever used. Not only does it prevent stretch marks very effectively, but it is also able to treat them if you use it over the long term. Simply apply it directly to your skin every day after your bath and you can sleep soundly.

c) Anti stretch mark oils

To prevent stretch marks, it is very important to choose the right oil. Be aware that each skin is different. Also, an oil that works in some people may not be as effective in others. It may take several tests to find the right stretch mark oil. To help you make your choice, we recommend that you discuss it with your dermatologist. In a future article, we will try to compare the anti stretch mark oils offered by the market to help you see more clearly and make a choice.

d) Anti stretch marks creams

Instead of applying an oil, you can choose a cream. It has the advantage of being less oily, but it takes longer to penetrate the skin. There is a plethora on the counter, but opt for creams made with shea butter. As with oil, you can also consult a dermatologist.

d) Take care of your diet and lifestyle

What we eat has a major role in our health and physical appearance as well. If you want to have beautiful skin, make sure you eat as healthy as possible. Also consider varying foods and balancing your meals. As far as possible, use natural and organic products.

We also advise you to practice regular physical activity. Be careful with the products you apply to your skin (cosmetics, soaps…) and try to maintain an excellent lifestyle as much as possible.

By following all these tips, you help your skin to be more resistant and you considerably reduce the risk of stretch marks.


The best remedy for stretch marks is prevention. Once installed they can no longer disappear, their appearance can be reduced to a certain level but never will the skin be the same again. Stretch marks can be avoided during puberty, so don’t wait until you have them or wait for your children to have them before taking the necessary measures.

If you have any questions about this or just about stretch marks, please feel free to leave them in the comments and I would be happy to answer them.






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