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Puberty is a stage of life through which everyone passes and we never forget because it is characterized by more or less difficult events depending on each one. This usually involves a significant growth spurts whatever your gender. This growth spurt of puberty is one of many physical changes that young people undergo during adolescence. It causes a lot of problems like stretch marks. In this article we will see why we have stretch marks during puberty growing spurts.

The transition from childhood to adolescence

The puberty growth spurt also known as pubertal growth spike is characterized by a fast and noticeable period. during that period the boy like the girl changes considerably and this at glance. Not only at the waist level but also at the level of the corpulence and even the behavioral point of view.

Puberty in girls

Puberty is the transition from childhood to adolescence. It is also a period of great upheaval in the girl who will undergo important changes both physical and hormonal.


In the girl, the puberty begins a little earlier than in the boy. The beginning of this period is observed on average at the age of eight in the girl and can last between three to five years. During these years she will undergo transformations until she becomes a woman.


In the chest you will notice the appearance of the breasts which begins with a slight swelling of the nipple followed by the development of the mammary bud and the enlargement plus the pigmentation of the aureole. The end of breast growth is marked by adult-sized breast formation.

The growth of breasts differs from one girl to another, if for some it is slow and sometimes even very slow accompanied of small breasts, in other girls on the contrary it is much faster with breasts often very bulky. It is very often this last case which is the cause of the appearance of the stretch marks on the breasts of the girl during its puberty period.

The body

During the girl’s puberty, her body undergoes many transformations that will feminize her. The girl will win curves, her thighs, her buttocks, her hips will gain more volume. His pelvis will widen to help his future delivery. Volume gain and enlargement of the pelvis may cause stretch marks to form due to stretching of the skin. This is not systematic because there are girls who do not have stretch marks during this period of their life.


All these pubertal changes are accompanied by a growth boom that causes the girl to grow about 10 cm annually. This can also be the cause of stretch marks formation, because when you take in size the skin stretches vertically and this is what generally causes stretch marks located behind the knees.

Puberty in boys

As with girls, puberty in boys also marks the transition period from childhood to adolescence. This period is marked by significant physical and hormonal changes.


The pubertal period in boys usually begins at ten years of age and can last the same number of years as in girls or a little more. Over the years, the guy will undergo transformations until he becomes a man.


During his puberty the boy will undergo transformations that will most of the time make him more robust and stronger.

On the chest, the shoulders can experience a significant enlargement, some boys may even have a development of the breast bud which generally turn into pectoral. It is this enlargement that causes stretch marks in some teenagers’ armpits. This case is still very rare and only concerns young boys who are going through a very excessive and rapid transformation. A rapid transformation does not give the skin time to prepare for a major stretching.


The pubertal growth spurt is later in the boy than in the girl, but during this period the boy can take up to 28 centimeters. This growth mainly affects the limbs and the trunk. Although the growth of the trunk comes a little later than those of members, it is no less important. The trunk widens significantly and is often the cause of the appearance of stretch marks in the lower back of the teenager.


If the puberty changes mentioned above can occur, it is due to a hormonal upheaval. Among the hormones that our body secretes, we find a hormone called Cortisol. This hormone reduces the production of collagen, however we know that it is the collagen that gives our skin its flexibility. Deprived of a large amount of collagen when it is in dire need, the skin will be less flexible and will crack. It is also a cause of the formation of stretch marks.


Puberty is a word that is sometimes scary, but it simply defines the beginning of the transition from childhood to adolescence for young people. Many physical and psychological transformations occur during this period of life.

Among all these physical transformations, there are also stretch marks that are not to be neglected. I myself had stretch marks in my youth during puberty. At that age and in my time I didn’t know what it was. They have settled well in my skin in the buttocks and breasts. It was only when they started to climb up my lower back that I wondered what they were. I have at this time started treatments so that they would no longer evolve. Since then, I have never stopped treating them and today I am very proud of the results because I no longer have any on the back and breasts and those on the buttocks have become very clear. In my next article I will explain how I did it and how you can also treat them in order to get rid of them if you already have them on your body. I would also explain to you some simple gestures to practice in order to avoid them if you don’t have them yet, because as they say, prevention is always better than cure.








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